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teembox is a document management software developed to help businesses with spontaneous management of their essential business data. Basically document management system. Generally called as DMS is special software that is developed to store, digitize, and manage the data stored in the form of digital documents. The management of data includes a number of functions like storage, indexing, retrieval, and managing control over the structure of data and workflow with different access methodologies.
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We offer great flexibility when it comes to integration and deployment options. You can enjoy a variety of methodologies as per your budget and business needs.


On Premise

We understand the need that some organizations are already investing in existing servers or have independent security laws, so they need the software to work on premises for them enabling their firewall and other company norms.

Cloud Hosted

Cloud Hosted

Cloud hosting is the new demand of this digital era. Everyone wants to have their business data available anytime anywhere. So to meet their needs remote access for cloud based system is the best option. Also, cloud hosting also has options for shared hosting that can be really beneficial if you are looking for a budget-oriented plan.

Astounding features of teembox

DMS is special software that is developed to store, digitize, and manage the data stored in the form of digital documents.

  • Robust Document Management with Version Control
  • Accessible over the Internet, WAN or LAN
  • Completely Web Browser based Application System
  • Document Version History
  • Subscription and Notification
  • Device Independent - Supports all PC, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets
  • Email Documents from within System
  • Export Results in Excel Format
  • User profiles with profile pictures
  • Template based Access Control
  • Document Tags
  • Full Text Document Content Search
  • Microsoft and Open Office Document Viewing Support
  • Messaging System
  • Workflow Engine to Automate Business Process
  • Document Scanning & Capture Additional Module
  • Document Indexing and Searching
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Access History
  • Detailed Audit Logs
  • Document Expiration & Notifications
  • Completely Responsive Web Design
  • Integrated Document Printing
  • Unique Indexes and Default Index Values
  • Export Documents as PDF
  • Store documents in database or external file systems
  • Indian and International Language Support
  • OCR Engine for Image Content Search
  • Document Management Web Services APIs
  • LDAP / Active Directory Integration
  • Automated Workflow Notifications
  • Multilingual support (User Interface)

teembox offers a range of features that fit every organization, from startups to enterprises. You can choose the plan for the software according to the need of your company. Teembox is an independent platform that can help your organization with immense benefits leading to a successful return on investment. In case of any query or requirement, you can contact our team to know more about the system.

OCR for Scanning

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Data Security

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Offices across the Globe

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